Facts About WISI

【Family Business】

WISI is owned and operated by the Suzuki family under the guidance of Akira and Estrella Suzuki.
Together, they have overseen the deployment of thousands of OFWs to Japan since 2000. WISI continues to find ways to achieve its vision by servicing both the Japanese and the Filipino people.

【Focus on Japan】

WISI deploys OFWs only to Japan under the Technical Intern Training Program(TITP) as Technical Intern Trainees (TITs) in various industries that are in dire need ofmanpower. We have deployed over 350 OFWs to Japan since we begun in 2014. WithJapan facing a labor shortage issue due to its declining and ageing population, WISI is focused primarily on providing Japan with quality manpower from the Philippines.

【Japanese Speaking Staff】

WISI values its communication with its partners. We have highly competent and knowledgeable staff who are proficient in Japanese to communicate with our partners for any concerns relating to our industry.


WISI has its main office in the Philippines as well as an office in Tokyo to connect with our partners better.
It is also important for us to be able to connect with our association/cooperative partners and our deployed OFWs.





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Name Wonderful International Services(WISI)
Phone +632 7745-0146
3F Dragon Bldg., 124B V. Luna Ext., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
3F Dragon Bldg., 124B V. Luna Ext., Sikatuna Village, Quezon CityAccess
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